The patrolling service of the security company is designed for companies that require certainty that employees are performing their duties in accordance with the requirements and that order and security is in effect at the premises and in the territory of their company.

By concluding a patrolling control contract with Secure Solutions Latvia, the employees of the security company shall perform inspections at the monitored company at a certain time.

Video surveillance is also performed during patrolling. If the plan approved by the customer provides for patrolling control at the company, or if extraordinary situations are detected during video surveillance, a security employee is dispatched to the company and verifies the situation and conditions on-site. The guard shall check whether employees of the company are at their workstations, perform alcohol testing of employees or other types of control activities.

The patrolling service is used by companies that operate specific equipment that requires constant monitoring at their premises or in their territory, for instance, heating or electric devices. In these cases, the security company performs inspections to verify that the equipment is operating appropriately and that no hazardous situations have occurred.

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